I had never felt so mentally drained than I was after my three hour English exam, and it was a perfect excuse to go have lunch out as a treat. My friends and I decided to stop for lunch to celebrate, one of them recommending The Grounded Kitchen, Leicester. Settled in the hub of quirky cafes and charity shops on Queens Road, we wandered into the tight Korean restaurant, immediately met by the smell of yummy food.

I had heard of buddha bowls, but wasn't exactly too sure about eating a bowl of veggies in dressing, when I'm a cheese and ham toastie gal at heart. Oh how I was wrong. I am now fully converted and I want to try and recreate what I ate at home. I had the gochujang chicken & avocado buddha bowl, which was a spicy marinated chicken with white rice, and an array of veggies in a peanut dressing, and for drink I had the acai smoothie, presentation was 10/10 and it tasted amazing. 
I would 100% recommend stopping if you haven't for breakfast or lunch. Definitely want to go back for breakfast one day and try one of their smoothie bowls!

Do you have an buddha bowl recipes? Let me know!

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