As I studying creative writing as part of my English degree, I have started to keep a writers notebook, something that I read about in a book, 'Writing Fiction' by Linda Anderson and Derek Neale, I bought from a charity shop on a whim when I was browsing for my course books. I have since been writing about anything and everything in my journal which is a great way to note down snippets of every day life and experiences to use as inspiration for any pieces I'm doing, and for those moments of writer's block, which I do get a lot...

I wanted to share what I have included so far in my journal:

1. Dreams- your dreams, friends and family's dreams, you can get some weird ideas from really strange dreams
2. Holiday experiences- I love to write about my travels, specific places I've stayed and its scenery and culture
3. Photos- I've been writing a piece on a specific place I drove through on a trip and I have stuck in photographs to help me picture the place a lot more
4. Every day experiences, this could literally be a description of you making your tea- making ordinary life into something extra-ordinary
5. Research for short story ideas, anything from scientific to historical information you find interesting or related to an idea you have
6. Creative writing prompts- I like to google these, they can be anything from a story or a poem's first sentence, to images, or words, which can give you some inspiration when you are lost for ideas

I hope this helps any of you!
Let me know if you keep a writer's journal and what you put in it.

Emma x


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