My 2016

Is it really cliche to say where has the year gone? I think so, but it's so true. 
This year has, as with every year, had its ups and downs but it has been a great year. Finishing my first year and starting my second year of University has really made it for me this year, it's been difficult at times but I've loved it nevertheless. 

The start of my year was a fairly quiet one. But, I went on the Uni ski trip to Les Deux Alpes, my first trip with the ski society and I had an amazing week. A lot of alcohol was consumed but a lack of fruit of veg which meant I took me a while to recover!
My first year of uni finished, it felt like it had gone by in a flash, and I spent my last day in halls exploring the nearby botanical gardens.
In the Summer I had one of the best Summer holidays I've ever had with my family. I visited Las Vegas, Palm Springs, Los Angeles and San Diego. The highlight for me was going on a helicopter ride to The Grand Canyon.
I spent a lot of time with my friends in Summer. I visited one of my friends in London before going back to uni and we explored the city for the day. I forgot my love for the city until I visited it again.
I also went to London with my Mum as I really wanted to go to the Georgia O'Keeffe exhibition at the Tate Modern. I got to see one of my favourite paintings and it brought back so much A Level Art nostalgia.
I moved into my house for second year at uni, and realised how small my room is until I moved in, arranging my stuff proved to be a challenge that day!
I went to Edinburgh for the first time for a skiing competition with my uni. Other than skiing, I spent the days sat on the side of the dry slope shivering as it was so cold! Underestimated how many layers I actually needed...
For the ninth year, I went back to France to celebrate Christmas with my family and friends. I couldn't think of a better place to celebrate my Christmas, it's really become a tradition now.
I spent New Year's Eve with friends, and took the opportunity to get glammed up and wear a sparkly top.

Emma x


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