Now it is turning colder in the UK, I'm wishing I could be back in the intense desert heat in Palm Springs, so I thought I would write a blogpost on the best bits of Palm Springs.

Since Palm Springs is such a relaxed place, there is nothing better than sitting by the pool and soaking up the sun, for at 5 minutes until you get way too hot, most days in July it was over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. 
I visited Palm Springs Aerial Tramway a year ago and I loved it. The journey up the tramway to see the minuscule city from above is amazing. As I went further up the mountain, the more trees come into sight and you start to see the difference compared to the barrenness of the desert.  It is so calm and peaceful to walk around the forests in the mountains and a lot cooler too. There are a number of different trails, each leading to different sides of the mountains to see the various viewpoints of Palm Springs. It's such a worthwhile trip, I took so many photos, so it was a challenge to wittle them down for this blogpost. Also remember to bring loads of water! Never underestimate how much water you can drink while hiking!
In terms of restaurants,  I would recommend are Lulu California Bistro they do I really good selection of food-breakfast, lunch and dinner. I went for dinner with my family and had the Angel Hair Pomodoro which was probably the best pasta dish I have ever had. The interior is lovely and cool, which is such a nice change from the intense heat outside which is still prominent even in the evenings in Summer. 
The other is Las Casuelas Terrazza, a Mexican restaurant (the building on the right of the photo below). You have the option to sit outside on the patio, or inside where there is usually a band playing. I always go for the burritos there served with refried beans and guacamole.
Also Thai Smile is a great Thai Restaurant, I would really recommend their Pad Thai, the portion size is huge but it's very tasty. 
Every Thursday evening there is a market along South Palm Canyon Drive called Palm Springs VillageFest. There are numerous stalls selling handmade soaps, candles, artwork, to food and entertainment. There is always such a nice atmosphere, and a great chance to buy some locally made produce. The photo below was from a stall selling fruit soaps and bath-bombs which are really sweet.
Have you visited Palm Springs before? What are your favourite things to do whilst visiting?
Emma x


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