The past few weeks have been an emotional rollercoaster as I've moved into my new house to start my second year at uni. I've been missing home so much but now that my lectures have started, and work is now set I feel like I'm properly back into the swing of things, and leaving all my anxious feelings behind me.

I was homesick for the first week or two (I've written a blogpost on how to tackle homesickness if you want to check it out) so I have been trying to make my tiny room as cosy and homely as possible. I will probably write blogpost soon on how to decorate and manage a small room, as I am living in a super tiny box room!

The modules I am taking this term are Chaucer, Renaissance Literature and my creating writing module which is Using Stories which includes creative non-fiction, fiction, screenwriting and poetry.  I am keeping a writers journal at the moment in the hope it will spark some ideas for my assessment later on, future self will be very appreciative.

This year I am planning to be more proactive by organising and planning my time, doing extra reading in the sudden realisation that this year actually counts...and trying to work out what to do with my life after uni... no biggie...

Emma x


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