As it's been the last few weeks of Summer for me before I go back to uni, I've been trying to fit in the last remainders of the things I have wanted to do this Summer. 

I had a cultural day trip out in London with my Mum. We visited the Tate Modern Museum as I wanted to see the Georgia O'Keeffe exhibition since I studied her artwork for both my Art GCSE and A Level. It was amazing to see her paintings with my own eyes and to see the details of the paint strokes up close; something which is so difficult to translate when you just see it on the internet. 

We also visited The Globe Theatre for a guided tour since it's practically next door to The Tate. I have always wanted to visit The Globe and as an English student, it was so beneficial not only for my English work but also for me to see the interior of the theatre so that when I go and see a play I now know where the best seats are! 
I've also been baking and cooking a lot, especially cooking as I'm preparing myself for second year at uni (I was catered in halls in first year). As I hadn't had much practise cooking myself, I am now discovering how much I enjoy it. The cookbook I have been using is The Hungry Student cookbook by Charlotte Pike and contains so many breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas. I've been making meals like pad thai, cheesy bacon pasta bake to breakfast meals such as american pancakes and cinnamon french toast. I would highly recommend this book if you are wanting some inspiration or wanting to have some simple and budget-friendly recipes.
Baking wise I made a cake for my sister's birthday, and now that the Great British Bakeoff is back on, I've been loving making simple cupcakes and these salted caramel brownies!
I've been trying to make the most of my time at home and that means taking time out to walk my dog  everyday before I head back. I always miss my dog when I'm at uni, and the falling leaves during my walk made it feel so Autumnal.
Summer has been great, I'm still making the most of my time at home and visiting friends, but I am in a way ready to go back to uni life.

Emma x


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