Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.

Sometimes amazing views are the ones you least expected to come across.

My family and I were stuck in standstill traffic when making our way back to Palm Springs from San Diego. Lanes filled with crammed cars and their beaming red brake lights was all the eye could see. The endless waiting on the interstate was tiresome and taking a different route back to where we were staying led to a whole knew side of the desert that we had never seen before.
We drove down quiet winding roads, whilst the sun glazed the mountains with an orangey-hue as it was setting. The greenery we had seen earlier on in our journey was changing into tumbleweed and cacti as we were descending down the mountains. Upon turning a corner, we were met by the stunning view of Palm Desert beneath us so we stopped to take a few photos just as the distant mountains were almost turning into a light blue haze. 
We would never have seen this view just as the sun was setting if the traffic wasn't bad. Taking a different route turned out to be a worthwhile journey at the end of the day even when we weren't expecting it. 

Emma x


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