Last week my Mum and took a trip to the New Forest for the day as we had to drop off my sister in the idyllic village of Brockenhurst for her DofE expedition.

We firstly visited Brokenhurst for a little while, as the early morning start suddenly got to us and we were in much need for some coffee and breakfast. We stopped off at The Huntsman of Brockenhurst for some breakfast, before heading to Lymington. 
At Lymington, another quaint village, we walked along the quay side for a good few hours as we were so lucky with the sunny weather. It was so tranquil to be able to look out to the Isle of Wight and see the ferry's go back and forth, whilst breathing in some soothing sea air. 
In the afternoon we visited Burley and had lunch at a pub there which we had visited many years ago, before heading back home and having to manoeuvre around wild horses on the way!


Emma x


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