Another blogpost about two books I have read recently, now that I have the time to read the books of my choice!

The Girl on The Train by Paula Hawkins- Having read Gone Girl, I was a little sceptical about reading this book as again it's a very hyped up book and I was a little disappointed with Gone Girl. So I expected it to be overrated. However, I found this so much more gripping than Gone Girl and found the plot line more enjoyable despite its thrilling unpredictability. I liked how the chapters are divided into the perspectives of the characters Rachel, Anna and Megan, so it gives you an insight on the different viewpoints on the major event of the plot and I felt like I was constantly deciphering and solving the story's mystery. It's a great one if you are into mystery novels, and want a book to constantly keep you thinking and pick up clues throughout the story buts till be a light and easy read.

Animal Farm by George Orwell- 1984 by George Orwell has to be one of my favourite books, so I wanted to read another of his. My sister has also read this and recommended it to me. It's a short book, 80 pages long, so it can easily be read in one sitting. I knew of the historic significance behind the book, but after I read it I looked more into it, making me appreciate the novels symbolism more. It satirises the Russian Revolution and represents the advancement of communism in the Soviet Union as it unfolds the rise to power of the pigs in the farm, who are set against the humans. It's a really interesting read as it almost hints at how the animal's idealistic community is set to fail and is still as oppressed as it was at the beginning of the novel.

Emma x


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