This Summer, my family and I went to Las Vegas for 3 days before heading off to California, and returning for a day before heading home. This was my first time visiting Las Vegas and I was in awe of the scale of everything. The huge hotels and buildings seemed like something off a movie set, whilst the desert mountains almost gave you a sense of reality that you were in the middle of nowhere.

For the 3 days we stayed in Las Vegas at the beginning of our trip, we stayed in The Venetian and on returning to Las Vegas at the end of our trip we stayed in Caesar's Palace. 

The Venetian- This hotel is based on Venice and its iconic canals. It's pretty eccentric, as are all Vegas hotels. Venetian gothic architecture style dominate the whole shopping area too, with its blue sky and cloud ceilings make it strangely feel like you are outside but you're not. The rooms are very spacious, lovely sitting area and a wide and open bathroom. The green marble sinks was definitely my favourite part about it.
Caesar's Palace- A Roman-themed hotel, we had a stunning view looking over the Belagio fountains   and the other hotels on The Strip. The best part of the hotel for me was definitely the pool area which recreate the Roman Baths.  

You can spend a lot of your time walking down The Strip and through the hotels which connect to each other and wander around their shopping malls. 
The Belagio- It's well worth a visit to the Belagio conservatory where they have seasonal flower displays. Plus if you like Art, Dale Chihuly's Fiori di Como glass sculpture hangs from the ceiling in the lobby and I also recommend watching the Belagio fountain display in the evening.

The Wynn- The Wynn hotel has an amazing flower display, featuring a hot air balloon and moving carousel both made of flowers. 

The Stratosphere- It's definitely well worth going up The Stratosphere to see the view of Las Vegas, and especially looking over The Strip. There are also some rides at the top, the most well known is probably Insanity which sadly wasn't open the day we went.
The Cheesecake Factory
The Hoover Dam- We visited the Hoover Dam at the end of our 3 day stay before road tripping to Palm Springs. The picture doesn't give the scale of it any justice and it's just so vast. It was also interesting walking across the bridge and crossing the border between Nevada and Arizona.

I also went on a helicopter ride to The Grand Canyon which will be in an upcoming blogpost

Emma x


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