As I've finished my first year at Uni (Whaaaat?! Where has the time gone?), I thought I would write a more personal/advice post for those of you who may be starting University in September.

Homesickness was the my biggest worry about leaving home and starting University last September. Unfortunately, I was met with these expectations, and although I have thoroughly enjoyed University during my first year, I struggled with adjusting to such a big change in the three/four weeks.

I think the biggest issue was the fact that I had not experienced a great deal of independence before. I was always used to company at home, whether that be my family or even just my dog. So, it was very strange not only living in a new place, with a new room and new people, but all my comforting familiarities seemed like they had gone.

However after the first three weeks of feeling very homesick, I did get over it with the help of these...

1. Call & Skype your family, but don't go rushing back home
This may sound tough, but it's the best option. I have heard many stories of friends going back home within two weeks of starting uni and not wanting to go back to uni. I didn't visit home at all, which was hard at first but over time I learnt to adapt to a new lifestyle.

2. Reading, watching a film
I had no structure during the first few weeks of uni, I only went to uni for introductory lectures and found myself having a lot of free time, which also meant more time to think about home. Reading or watching a film is a great way to take your mind off of it.

3. Home comforts- room sprays, pictures, tea
Things like decorating your room and using room sprays although are very simple, are good ways to bring home comforts to your new uni room.

4. Establishing a routine
Once I got into the course, and started getting work I established a routine. Also joining societies, gives you things to do each week so I felt more organised and had more structure to my week. I was also becoming a lot more busy which took my mind off home a lot.

5. Time
This has to be the most important one of all. Time is key, you just need to let yourself adapt to uni life and once I got used to it I felt much less anxious. I had less panic attacks and I felt more comfortable being independent and being used to my own company from time to time.
Always reassure yourself that if you are feeling down, it won't last forever and over time I'm sure you'll feel a lot less homesick.

Homesickness still creeps up on me, especially when I come back to uni after Christmas/Easter break, but it soon passes once I get back into the swing of things. It's normal to feel homesick but don't let it control you, make sure you keep busy to keep homesickness at bay!

I hope this post was helpful :)

Thanks for reading!

Emma x


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