Today I thought I'd write a short post about a few of the books I've read recently; a classic and a bestseller. 

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn- I've had some free time lately before my lectures started, and I have been wanting to read this book as it been so hyped about.  I did really enjoy this book, and found I got easily hooked to the storyline and its cryptic characters. It definitely met my expectations of the thriller style, especially by the plot 'twist' and the constant questioning of what really happened to Amy. Being an English student, the writing isn't the greatest, but the plot is definitely the strong point of this book. I do give this book credit to its engrossing story, however I wouldn't totally give into the hype.

Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys- This is a novel I studied and used for my novel essay last term. Despite this, the story and the way it is written, made me really enjoy it. I would recommend reading Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë before reading this, as Wide Sargasso Sea is the modernist prequel to Jane Eyre. The development of Bertha's 'insanity' is uncovered in this novel, set in the exotic setting of Jamaica during the 1830s. If you enjoyed Jane Eyre, then I would recommend reading this as it unfolds the context to Thornfield Hall's dark secret and Jamaica's traumatic postcolonial culture. 

Have you read these?

Emma x



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