Recently I went on a short trip to Paris for a few days. I had wanted to visit Paris for a long time as I love exploring cities, and so I thought now would be the perfect opportunity as I have no finished my A Levels.
Here are a few snapshots of where I visited.

The Arc de Triomphe 

The Eiffel Tower 

View from the second floor of the Eiffel Tower before we went all the way to the top. 

The Louvre 
This is a HUGE museum, and it was absolutely packed with people. Our tour guide for the Eiffel Tower said that it would take 24 days to fully see all of the artwork in the museum which really puts the size of it into perspective.

Napoleon's apartments in the Louvre
Napoleon's apartments in the Louvre 
Napoleon's apartments in the Louvre 

Musee de l'Orangerie 
Probably my favourite part of the trip purely because I love impressionist artwork. 
Monet's waterlilies
A close up of Monet's waterlily painting
Monet's waterlilies 

Cezanne, Fruits, Napkin and Milk Can 
Renoir, Tulip Bouquet 

Thanks for reading!

Emma x


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